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Out of the Box Blog | 21 April 2014

Research proves media brands must supplement — not supplant — print with digital for advertising mix

A string of new research is identifying the new value proposition that newspaper companies need to champion when articulating the power of print. Gone are the days when we can assume By Kylie Davis ... More

Super-abundance of mobile advertising opportunities await media companies

How to use survey data to prove the ROI for your media brand

Winnipeg Free Press partners with health authority on niche print product, brings in new revenue

Irish Times readers visit, buy from supermarket in response to print brochure campaign

Increasing your retail advertisers’ success — and yours — with response-based models

Is native advertising a trend worth chasing?

Why automated ad buying in its current form may hurt revenues more than help

Nordsjø Media’s paywalls are met with increased advertising revenue, reader loyalty

Publishers unbind their customers by unbundling their content

Sacramento Bee began mobile revenue strategy with car dealers, expanded to other advertisers

Sports + short-form video = changing digital revenue game

3 initiatives that help Bay Area News Group tame the digital sales, revenue chaos

Video strives to engage advertisers with leading print ideas

90 finalists chosen for INMA Awards 2014, signifies best in media marketing

Amedia raises advertiser’s brand awareness with school competition

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