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Print Innovations | 21 September 2014

The power of a strong cover in print publishing

It’s been said to all of us at some point in our lives, almost definitely by your mum or a past teacher, to never judge a book by its cover. This is sound life advice, but when it By Jessie Sampson ... More

Do advertisers understand print’s faithful audience?

4 ways to embrace your digital audience without creeping them out

Dainik Bhaskar helps advertisers, marketers reach “Unmetro” audience

New INMA report focuses on programmatic advertising opportunities

How to get 80,000 digital subscribers by publishing one story a day

6 strategic ways to use advertising in print media

4 reasons mobile video ad spend is growing, how publishers should respond

The problem with re-targeted advertising: It never ends

Audience, advertisers embrace Die Welt’s Augmented Reality special edition

Sacramento Bee uses metrics to prove print advertising success

Winnipeg Free Press increases revenue from travel partner by 10 times with revamped relationship

Chronicle Herald re-designs itself for iOS 7, bringing new revenue, praise from Apple

Making the case for private advertising exchanges for online video

News Corp Australia’s local shopping app gives advertisers, shoppers easy options

From the World Cup to Wimbledon, advertisers use print to capitalise on current events

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