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Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | 20 November 2014

McClatchy launches customer data center, provides advertisers with audience information

McClatchy has launched the McClatchy Customer Data Center (MCDC), a more formal analysis process for building value for advertising clients. Print, digital, niche products — this By Darrell Kunken ... More

How Google sees its role in programmatic advertising partnerships with local media

News media companies need to act now on digital for long-term revenue strategy

Thinking bigger than native advertising

The state of paid content: For free, for a fee, or somewhere in between

Print + social media = #winner

Increased revenue prompts News Corp to take programmatic to next level

Condé Nast’s programmatic strategy focuses on core advertisers, market

Irish Times research reveals readers think highly of advertising sponsors

3 ways to increase revenues from automated advertising sales

Consumer centricity: Practice it with your advertisers or perish

How relevant is your newspaper?

Meredith benefits from its data-driven approach to programmatic advertising

New York Times partners with Citi for mobile native advertising solution

Mobile micro-payments: A largely untapped revenue stream for media

Inside Gazette’s profitable digital innovation strategy

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