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Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | 25 February 2015

Think like your customer’s customer

As the world sprints head long into an ever more digitally interactive environment, understanding consumer behaviour deserves a lot more attention. Correctly predicting consumer By Darrell Kunken ... More

2 news media companies capitalise on challenges, opportunities to increase audience

Mobile advertising: A dismal tale of deflated dreams

Verlag Dierichs turns classified strategy into community strategy

3D, cleverly designed print advertisements engage readers

Albuquerque Journal’s subscriber retention strategy focuses on membership, engagement

Globe and Mail takes leading role toward greater advertising transparency

Fairfax successfully uses Big Data to direct content recommendations, ad targeting

Gannett helps advertisers grow, brings in revenue with customised strategic services

Mktmedia increases digital advertising revenue with real-time bidding strategy

Postmedia drives advertising revenue with video partnership

Financial Times increases advertising, audience revenue using “customer DNA”

Research proves print + digital ads drive vehicle sales

Local media need to join the fight for retail in-store traffic

Rock the vote: How media brands can tie messaging to elections with social media

What 2015 holds for media opportunities in mobile messaging

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