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Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | 27 May 2015

To bring in digital advertising revenue, media companies must provide audience

The recipe for a healthy business usually involves meeting demand with steady supply. But sometimes, high demand outgrows a limited supply, creating a premium. This is something By Adam Burnham ... More

Mobile innovators share audience, revenue success stories

Programmatic advertising, once a threat, is now considered an opportunity

Manhattan media buyers, agencies on what’s next for media advertising

NZME creates year-on-year audience profit plan

Panel research guides Toronto Star’s print innovation strategy

Daily Telegraph drives print engagement with Augmented Reality competition

Combining media platforms creates opportunities to be more effective

Proof cross-channel advertising works

Revenue at Fairfax’s real estate business up 56% this year

Context is key for eye-catching, relevant print advertising

Republic Media winning locally with multi-platform rental advertising

Largest online shopping site in Finland at center of Sanoma’s e-commerce ecosystem

5 errors media companies make with mobile — and a lesson from The Beatles

Why publishers need to embrace — not dismiss — content marketing

5 reasons publishers should think twice about Facebook’s tempting offer

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