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Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | 24 November 2015

Media companies should take their own advice when it comes to digital marketing

In an increasingly competitive digital marketing services environment, Gannett’s Central Group of media organisations recognised a need to be much bolder in the way it positioned By Brooke Christofferson with assistance from Chris Coan ... More

The first step in dealing with ad-blocking? Better ads

App users behave differently, so Toronto Star treats them differently

Singapore Press Holdings’ 5-step sales approach starts with an idea

How news media companies can better engage the “it’s all about me” generations

Is the future of coupons mobile?

Die Welt continues tweaking news app based on reader comments

Register-Guard’s mobile strategy focuses on local sports team apps

Ottawa Citizen app designed for young audience, looking toward mobile video

Why your media company should hire an intern

Florida Today wins big with deep dive into local economic development initiative

Mobile spend due to overtake TV: What does this mean for advertisers?

Gannett’s value proposition focuses on answering “why us?” for advertisers

What data do advertisers really need?

Crossword puzzle app at center of Kompas’ smartphone strategy

Research shows quality video viewability is key to engaging readers with ads, content

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